Round One Playoffs: Aldergrove Kodiaks Win!

Kodiaks take the round with 5 - 4 win in overtime against Abbotsford Pilots

In game five of the first round of playoffs, the Aldergrove Kodiaks finished off the Abbotsford Pilots tonight with a nail-biting overtime win. Captain Price started off the Kodiaks’ goals, followed by Keegan Bruce, then Adam Rossignol and then Travis Gorman. However, the Pilots matched the Kodiaks goal for goal and in the last seconds of the third period tied the game 4 – 4. With only 1:05 minutes left in the overtime period Jordan Pughe scored and the Pilots were officially out of the playoffs. Check the Kodiaks website (link on the right hand column) for the next game in the playoffs. Go Kodiaks Go!
Also watch for the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery’s upcoming show “Art on Ice” with “Hockey Night in Gallery” as the show’s “face off” on March 25, 2010. You never know but the Kodiaks might even be the subject matter of a painting or two.

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