HERITAGE MATTERS: Heritage Conservation in Fort Langley

The stores on the west side of Glover Road in downtown Fort Langley received a “heritage award” winning facelift

Recognition has been given to the extensive streetscape renovations to a major part of downtown Fort Langley by Eric Woodward. The entire block of storefronts on the west side of Glover Road received facade enhancements consistent with Langley Township’s heritage design guidelines. Heritage Society president, Fred Pepin, presented the award to Woodward and thanked him “for incorporating heritage elements in the new facades and helping to revitalize a major part of the downtown”.

President of the Heritage Society, Fred Pepin, presents a 2012 Heritage Conservation Award to Eric Woodward

The conversion of a residence into an office for Field & Marten also won recognition for the expert restoration of a building with heritage interest. Part of the building, located on the corner of Francis Avenue and Church Street, originally was the stable belonging to Langley’s first physician, Dr. Benjamin Marr. In 1924 most of the stable was moved from beside the Marr House to its current location and converted into living quarters by Joe Sailes, a fisherman. A smaller portion of the stable with two horse stalls remained at the Marr House for the pony of the doctor’s young son, Bill. Over the years the Sailes home received additions but the original portion is still identifiable on the south side. Marten and Ruth Van Huizen were commended by Pepin for their attention to detail and sensitive restoration of a building with an interesting link to Langley’s history.

Field & Marten Office on corner of Francis & Church: front portion (left) originally Dr. Marr’s stable

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