Fort Langley Lions rally the community ’round the flag pole

The stormy weather over the past weekend did not spoil a garden party fundraiser at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery on Sunday (Sept 25, 2011) evening. The skies cleared just in time to allow eighty supporters to come together to make the “Rally ‘Round the Flag Pole” event both a social and financial success. Sufficient funds were raised for the Fort Langley Lions’ community project to install a flag pole in the veterans’ section of the Fort Langley Cemetery. The flag pole project is a partnership with the Township of Langley and will be completed prior to this years’ Remembrance Day Service. In addition to raising the $3000 the Lions needed for their share of the cost, additional funds were raised which are earmarked to help with some of the costs of the Nov 11th Service such as the fly-past by the Fraser Blues.
The Fort Langley Lions thanked Brenda Alberts of the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery for selling the tickets, Freybe Gourmet Foods for putting on the BBQ spread, The White House for the dessert treats, and Wagner Hills Farm Society for the big tent. Door prizes were provided by Freybe, B.C. Gallery and the Village Square.
Congratulations, Fort Langley!

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