TRAIL NOTES: 10th Anniversary of Fort to Fort Trail

The Bedford Channel has become a busy paddling and rowing centre

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the completion of the popular Fort to Fort Trail that connects two major regional parks, Brae Island and Derby Reach. The site of the first Hudson’s Bay Post established in 1827 is located in the Derby Reach Regional Park. The Fort to Fort Trail connects this historic site with the National Historic Site in Fort Langley where the post was subsequently relocated by the Hudson’s Bay Company. The trail, which is now part of the Trans Canada Trail, provides the artists at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery with plenty of subject matter for their paintings. Come to the Gallery to see how the artists are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fort to Fort Trail.

The Jacob Haldi bridge to Brae Island Regional Park

Along the Fort to Fort Trail in the waterfront park of Bedford Landing

Looking east on the Channel toward Mt Baker

The mouth of the Salmon River on the Bedford Channel

The Bedford Channel, just west of the mouth of the Salmon River

Fort to Fort Trail along Channel in front of Fort Langley Golf Course

Foot bridge on the Fort to Fort Trail, close to Allard Crescent

The mighty Fraser River with Fort to Fort Trail in foreground

Looking west toward the first Fort site at Derby townsite

Heritage apple trees along the Fort to Fort Trail

Heading west toward the first fort location near the Houston Trailhead

On the Fort to Fort Trail in Derby Reach Regional Park

Golden Ears from the site of the 1827 Hudson's Bay Post

One of many interpretive signs along the historic Fort to Fort Trail

Celebrating 10 years of the Fort to Fort Trail

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