WATERCOLOUR MASTER: Stephen Quiller at B.C. Gallery

Stephen Quiller, top U.S. watercolor artist visits Canada, here with Brenda Alberts, gallery owner

Stephen Quiller visited his gallery in Fort Langley, British Columbia.
He is internationally recognized as a painter who works primarily in water media, monotypes, and intaglio printmaking. Quiller is best known for his innovative approach to water media painting: watercolor, gouche, acrylic, casein and their combinations, and for his use of colour.
Stephen has written six books on painting. His research and development of a color wheel for painters called the “Quiller Wheel” is now used by thousands of painters throughout the world.
Through his painting, he has become a Signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Water Media, and Society for Painters in Acrylic and Casein, among others.
The Birthplace of B.C. Gallery is proud to represent Stephen Quiller in Canada.

STEPHEN QUILLER. Deer, Lagoon Bay. Watercolour.

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