SHOW BIZ: Town spooked by super dog movie

Fort Langley Community Hall set for super spooky Halloween

Disney recently turned Fort Langley into a set for “Spooky Buddies” the 6th sequel to the “Air Bud” dog movie. This time the Buddies and their kids have a super spooky Halloween with the dastardly Howlloween Hound and Warwick the Warlock, played by Canadian actor/comedian Harland Williams.
The “straight to DVD feature” will be released in 2011.
Fort Langley, and in particular, the community hall, sees a lot of filming action which is no small part of our economy. The Fort Langley Community Hall, a designated heritage site and entirely operated by volunteers, benefits from filming dollars for its upkeep.
Last year, BC had 239 motion picture projects which generated 1.3 billion dollars in production spending, making BC the third largest centre for film and television production in North America.

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