BEDFORD LANDING: Residents proclaimed Fort Langleyites

Chief Trader, James Yale, read the proclamation of welcome to Bedford Landing residents

Tonight the residents of Bedford Landing were officially welcomed to the community of Fort Langley. The “welcome party” was held at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery and a ghost from the past brought a message from Queen Victoria.
James Murray Yale, the Chief Trader at Fort Langley read the following message on behalf of the Queen:
— To the new settlers and inhabitants on the bank of the Bedford Channel at Fort Langley …
It has been brought to my attention by many Fort Langleyites:
That your gardens are magnificent;
That your yards are immaculate;
That your porches and balconies are inviting and friendly;
That your walkways and waterfront are open to all;
And, that your entire settlement has added to the vitality of the community.
I hereby proclaim that from this day forward the inhabitants of Bedford Landing shall forever be known as “Fort Langleyites”. —
The official party sponsors were Freybe Gourmet Foods, Fort Wine Company, Frontier Hardware, Country Lane Antiques, B.C. Farm Machinery and Agricultural Museum, Fort IGA, and the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.
Welcome to the community, Bedford Landing residents! Click here for more photos from the Garden Party.

A welcome party for Bedford Landing residents was held at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery

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