GALLERY WINDOW: Work of Art by Margo Harrison

Margo Harrison's window creation at Birthplace of B.C. Gallery

The window in the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery’s west-facing wall has new eyes. The wall was built with Squamish rock and now its window has become a work of art relevant to our province’s history.
The artist responsible is Margo Harrison who is fascinated and inspired by the spiritual and cultural contributions of our First Nations. Research into the artwork of the Haida resulted in Margo’s creation of panels depicting details from carvings on totems, bentwood boxes and chests.
The Raven’s Eyes and other bentwood box details in the Gallery window are acrylic/mixed media “relief-carved” paintings by Margo Harrison. Her paintings and sculptures are shown at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

Margo Harrison demonstrating on BC Day 2010

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