GALLERY NEWS: Al Colton, the Dean of Art, still on top

Al Colton gives a critical eye to his work in progress, Church by Riverside

The Birthplace of B.C. Gallery completed its 14th year of business at the end of June 2010. The year-end sales report shows that Al Colton is still on top with the most paintings sold.
Al was taught by two of the Group of Seven, Arthur Lismer and Frank Carmichael, at the Ontario College of Art in 1940 and ’41.
After serving in the Air Force during the war, Colton continued his art studies under Jack Shadbolt at the Vancouver School of Art.
He subsequently became an art teacher in the Vancouver School District and later became the District’s art supervisor. The “Dean of Art” still paints everyday.
Click here to see some of the art of Al Colton.

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1 Response to GALLERY NEWS: Al Colton, the Dean of Art, still on top

  1. perry says:

    I’m still inspired by this guy! Al (“Mr. Colton” to me at the time) was the art teacher in my high school, and later, my supervisor when I taught art in a Vancouver school. When we moved out to Langley I continued to be motivated and energized by his colourful palette and prolific output. Go Al!

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