FORT TO FORT: Trail gets finishing touch over Glover

The Fort to Fort Trail is now complete with the new crossing of Glover Road

The acquisition of the waterfront property of the Bedford House (Jacob Haldi House)Restaurant by the municipality completed the vision of full public access to the Bedford Channel.
All of the waterfront (more than 190 acres) is now in public ownership with the exception of McMillan Island portion, home of the Kwantlen Nation.
The acquisition, a few years ago, also allowed for the completion of the Fort to Fort Trail connecting Marina Park to the trail, west of Glover Road. With the closure of the Albion Ferry, it became safer to allow a pedestrian crossing for trail users across Glover at the Jacob Haldi Bridge.
The work was completed last month and finally achieves a goal established in the first Official Community Plan adopted for Fort Langley in 1987. The Township Planner responsible for the Plan was Kurt Alberts who later served as Mayor of the Township from 1999 to 2008.
Kurt with his wife, Brenda, operate the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley.

MDM Construction of Langley built the Jacob Haldi bridge in 1994, replacing one built in

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