HERITAGE MATTERS: Cat Maple Secret Revealed by Marr

Bill Marr by one of the trees his dad planted - Brenda and Kurt by the 100 yr old Cat Maple

In the early days of Dr. Benjamin Marr’s medical practice, his family took in a little sick girl, Marie, from Aldergrove. During Marie’s stay at the Marr house, she grew attached to a cat. One day she went to the barn and found her cat “stiff as a board”, according to Dr. Marr’s son, Bill Marr.
Bill’s dad was an avid gardener and was about to plant a maple tree when a tearful Marie came to him with the sad news. Dr. Marr gave the girl’s cat a burial and planted the maple tree over it.
The maple tree is now almost one hundred years old and to Bill Marr is still known as the “cat maple”.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the building of the Marr House. Today Bill Marr paid a visit to the current owners, the Krecsys, to share some of his first hand knowledge of growing up in the Marr House and Fort Langley.

The Krecsys, current owners of the Marr House (Little White House) with Bill Marr

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