ART UNITES: Coltons celebrate 65 years of marriage

Al & Esther admiring a gift of flowers (arranged by Ann Britton, The Gardening Circle, Ft Langley)

Gallery artists, Al and Esther Colton, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Monday.
Al and Esther met during their time in the Air Force while stationed at Boundary Bay. Esther was a Wireless Operator in the tower and Sergeant Alfred Colton taught instrument flying in the Link Trainer flight simulator.
Al and a friend set up an art studio in one of the base’s empty buildings and attracted prospective art students during their time off. Esther and a friend gave it a try one evening and Al did a quick sketch of Esther. Afterwards he offered to walk her home over the uneven boardwalk that connected the makeshift studio to the rest of the base.
Esther remembers Al “had a strong arm”. Two weeks later they were engaged and a few months later in 1945 they got married.
Al admits that he was a fast worker, and not just in sketching. He said he put Esther in the Link Trainer but she ended up crashing. However, he did teach her to paint.
After sixty-five years, Al and Esther are still both painting, but over the years Esther has taught Al a thing or two.
Happy 65th Anniversary!
Paintings by the Coltons can be purchased at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

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