HERITAGE MATTERS: Bloomin’ Horse Chestnuts exposed

Horse Chestnuts in full bloom at Birthplace of B.C. Gallery

Bill Marr was only four or five years old when his dad, Dr. Benjamin Marr, planted the Horse Chestnut trees along the Glover Road frontage of their property in Fort Langley. The Birthplace of B.C. Gallery now occupies the site of Dr. Marr’s first office, just south of the original Marr residence (the Marr House, now the White House).
The doctor’s office later became the home of the village notary public, Mr. Young, who lived there until the mid 1960’s.
According to Bill Marr, the Horse Chestnuts came from Walter Wilkie’s place where there were two huge trees in front of his circular driveway and house, adjacent to the Coulter Berry store.
Dr. Marr planted his street frontage from the Marr residence to Francis Street in 1921, alternating the Chestnut trees with Cedars.
Now, almost ninety years old, the chestnuts’ blossoms are part of the special heritage character of Fort Langley and another good reason to come and visit the Birthplace of B.C.

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