HERITAGE MATTERS: Community Hall drive sustainable

The historic Fort Langley Community Hall was built by volunteers, completed in 1932

The asphalt driveway serving the Fort Langley Community Hall has been replaced with a product that is the way of the future.
Pervious concrete is a new pavement system which allows water to drain directly through it into the ground.
This week Sustainable Concrete Canada Ltd, a Langley company, removed the asphalt from the wide circular driveway and replaced it with pervious concrete.
The work was funded by the Township of Langley as part of a Hall enhancement project started two years ago which included the Spirit Square.
Pervious concrete uses a precise mixture of cement, aggregates, and water. The cement and water are combined to form a paste, which is used to coat the special aggregrate blend.
This technique creates a strong interconnected concrete and yet provides spaces to form. These spaces. or voids, then allow rainwater to drain directly through it and into the ground.

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