Dean of Art Al Colton delivers “ART on ICE”

Colton turns St Andrews Church parking lot into a skaking rink

Gallery artists are busy painting for the exhibition ART ON ICE coming up next month at Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. Al Colton has finished his entry in the show and delivered his painting today to Brenda at the Gallery. Al’s 16 x 20 inch acrylic painting shows St. Andrews church in Fort Langley with its’ parking lot turned into a skating rink.
No one has ever accused the Dean of Art of being short of sparkling humour. In fact, a couple of his former Grade 6 students in their recent visit to the Gallery remembered Mr Colton’s wry sense of humour in the classroom 57 years ago.
Is that a smirk on Al’s face?
No. The Dean is simply looking forward to what the other gallery artists create for ART ON ICE at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

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