HERITAGE MATTERS: Historical spirit captured on film

The Friends of the Fort star in a new film about life as it was here in 1858

Independent Canadian film Director/Producer, Michel Gravel has captured on the film the spirit of one of BC’s most historical significant locations – Fort Langley, the Birthplace of British Columbia.
Shot on location at Fort Langley National Historic Site, the 15 minute documentary takes viewers on an enlightening and educational journey back in time, to life as it was in 1858 when the official proclamation of British Columbia as a Crown Colony was made in the Big House at Fort Langley.
Fort Langley – The Birthplace of BC is scheduled to compete this summer at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival.

Fort Langley - Birthplace of BC will compete in this year's Toronto Film Festival

The new film is available on DVD ($15.95) at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. To view the trailer click on the link on the right side column: “See film trailer for Fort Langley – Birthplace of BC”

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